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As a learning leader and instructional design expert, my passion and restless curiosity has continuously driven me to expand my knowledge, experience, and relationships. With a strong background and diverse skill set, I’m confident in the creative ideas and successful solutions I bring to the table. Keep exploring my site to learn more information about me, and reach out directly with any questions.

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Areas of Specialty

Instructional Design

I specialize in Instructional Design, ADDIE, original content creation, social and informal learning, micro-learning, instructor-led learning, virtual classes, scripting, multimedia/video creation, and blended learning. I have certified multitudes of students through my online Certificate in Instructional Design program. I have designed well over 75 courses.

eLearning Development

As an eLearning Developer, I bring quite an array of software tools to bare on the work. I am a strong Storyline user. I regularly use Canva for graphic design work. I also sometimes use products from the Corel Graphics Suite or Adobe Creative Suite to work with images.  For voiceovers, my application of choice is Audacity. I have recorded and edited over 2000 voiceovers. For videos, I use Camtasia. I think it’s also worth mentioning that I own each of the products I just referenced. I also teach others to use these tools.

University Course Design

This is my bailiwick. Having designed and developed 75+ university courses on a variety of subjects, my focus is on designing experiential learning solutions to activate learner engagement. I design fresh, original content that is theoretically infused, based on storytelling, and is also pragmatic. My strength is in updating static courses to create interactive and thoughtful designs that increase student interaction, engage learners through gamification, and spark innovation. I have worked with universities and professors to qualitatively evaluate courses,  revise content, and statistically measure outcomes. I have also built eLearning games to increase interest in various subjects.

My Preferred Approach

Before designing any learning experiences, I routinely conduct several needs assessments, cultural evaluations, interviews, and review current data. I need to understand what current systems are in place and conduct a SWOT analysis and gap analysis. I involve and interview necessary stakeholders and pilot learning experiences during the design process, seek feedback, and evaluate where we are before any sort of full-scale implementation takes place. Change management involves high levels of systems and design thinking, thoughtfulness, servant-leadership, and insight. People get edgy in the face of rapid change, so going forward requires skill, empathy, listening, diplomacy, and expertise.  I bring all of these attributes to my work as a collaborative partner working with you to help you and your organization prepare now and for future horizons. 

I am extremely experienced, knowledgeable, efficient, and specialize in rapid, online course deployment and teaching.

Areas of Concentration

Curriculum Design

Instructional Design

eLearning Development

Assessment & Evaluation

Adult Learning Theory

Research Methods

Learning Management Systems

My Professional Skills

  • eLearning Designer 

  • Instructional Design

  • Management Theories

  • Leadership Theory

  • Organizational Behavior

  • Learning & Development Strategist

  • K-12 Teaching and Professional Development

  • Trained Coach

  • eLearning Software Tools

  • Training and teaching

  • Worked with (13) Learning Management Systems

  • Write customized and Branded Assessments

  • Trained Facilitator

  • Technical Writing

  • Published author


Women's Leadership

Servant Leadership

Human Resources

Business Management | MBA

K-12 Rapid, Course Deployment

University Courses

Learning & Leadership Strategies

  • Accredited, corporate universities

  • Case Studies

  • Communities of Practice

  • Design Thinking

  • Flipped Classroom

  • Gamification

  • Industry 4.0

  • Learning Protocols

  • MBTI

  • Metrics

  • Microlearning

  • Online forums

  • 70-20-10 rule

  • Simulations

  • Storytelling

  • Systems thinking

  • Workshops

  • Zoom, instructional videos