eLearning is learning utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom

Storyboard Template

This is an eLearning Template I created for a well-known vendor. I create customized storyboards per the client's branding and content marketing strategy to align with a consistent look and feel and user experience. 

Storyboard Template

I created this storyboard to use with my own students in the instructional design program that I developed and teach. Click to view.

Storyboard Lesson Plan.jpg

Storyboard Template

I created this storyboard as a sample for Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development. Click to view.

Piaget Storyboard.jpg

Storyboard Template

This storyboard demonstrates the I3 Phone System

Storyboard Template

This interaction is about the three legged stool.

Active Listening Storyline 3

I created this eLearning module using Storyline 3. It is a non-proprietary sample .

Redesign - Don't Convert

I made this video several years ago. It shows my long-term work in this field. 

Sample Artifacts from MBA Courses

This is a work sample that I designed from a Marketing class in my MBA program.

This is a job aid that I created for Corporate Finance for my MBA program.

Discussion Poster Presentation (2).png