My Ph.D. is in Leadership Studies. I have applied my training to developing a compendium of leadership development courses, online leadership sessions, and coaching curriculum materials.  After conducting a literature review of 20+ articles pertaining to the attributes of top-tier, future-driven leadership development programs, the following themes emerged regarding best practices.

  • Needs assessment should occur first via surveys, interviews, focus groups, and observation.

  • Gap Analysis should be conducted to determine where the organization is and outline future goals.

  • Commitment should occur from senior-level support to the corporate strategy, organizational mission, and cultural learning.

  • Meaningful metrics from paper-and-pencil assessments.

  • 360-degree feedback from the perspective of relevant viewpoints.

  • Executive coaching and other types of coaching are often employed and applied to real-life situations.

  • Mentoring and professional development pertaining to team dynamics, systems thinking, communication skills, cross-functional projects, globalization, strength discovery, critical thinking, cross-cultural communication, etc.

  • Emotional Intelligence development, which helps individuals become more sensitive and understanding to manage emotions and impulses.

  • Innovation through greater agility and more experimentation.

  • Leadership Diversity development pertaining to discovering implicit bias.

  • Vertical development that builds employees' leadership capacity in more-complex roles.

  • 70-20-10 framework should be considered.

  • Professional Action Plans and ongoing reflection.

  • Succession Planning should be considered.

  • Design Thinking promotes success, and involves: empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test.


Leadership Consulting

I was trained in Process Consulting by the Center for Organizational Reform. COR assists individuals and groups to achieve resilience and a greater capacity to address complex challenges. COR supports those who lead and serve others through consulting, teaching, research, and product development. 

  • Participated in doctoral internship program and was formally trained in the skills of facilitation and process consultation.

  • Worked with requesting organizations in the Pacific Northwest to increase effectiveness, health, and accountability by administering Organizational Cultural Assessments based on Schein’s work.

  • Provided toxic handling, conflict resolution, “professional helping,” and "technical assistance" to organizations going through trauma and rapid change.

  • Completed COR Leadership Development Training, which included Enneagram and MBTI.

  • Strengthened organizations by helping them increase productivity and improve the quality of relationships, services, and products.

  • Worked with organizations - including businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions to effectively develop standards and measure progress aligned with organizational objectives.

  • Developed and used meeting assessment tool to audit meetings and improve communication. 

  • Tracked data and presented statistical feedback to stakeholders.


National Urban Alliance for Effective Education        2007 – 2009
Syosset, NY | Instructional Coach


  1. Instructionally implemented instructor led training for large group (500 people) and small group (25 people) training for various audiences (Instructor Led Learning).

  2. Facilitated Professional Development strategies and collected data in WMEP Minnesota Project in accordance ADDIE model and reflective feedback model.

  3. Trained in intentional instructional practices aimed toward mediation and mastery in closing achievement gap for all students.

  4. Collected data during evaluative performance management processes, used as a form of evaluation for teacher improvement and district systemization.